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BPE Malaysia is an advisory service and guidance counseling agency for SPM & STPM graduates with more than 15 years of experience. Actively helping students in Sabah, Sarawak for the purpose of selecting programs and careers that have the potential to suit the current career market conditions. Has produced more than 10,000 graduates in various fields and cooperates with several public or private higher education institutions. Successfully produced more than 600 entrepreneurs in various fields and helped graduates achieve their ambitions and dreams.

BPE MALAYSIA was established in March 2007 and continues to be a leader in human capital development through the "Bumiputera Education Tour" program in Sabah, Sarawak and Malaysia in general.

To be a company that catalyzes Human Development especially for the people of the State of Sabah in perspective and career.


Human Capital Development

Providing training and opportunities to the community in aspects of education, career and business as well as becoming an entrepreneur.

Institutions of Higher Education

Offering educational programs that will train and transform students from work-minded graduates to Entrepreneurs.

Career, Business and Entrepreneurship

Produce quality, competitive and innovative human capital in creating your own career.

Future Leaders Human Capital

Train each member in the organization to be a leader who meets the current needs of the national institution.

Supporting Students' Growth

Pendekatan bersepadu diperlukan dalam membangunkan aspek kognitif, emosi, sosial dan fizikal melalui pembelajaran, kemahiran sosial, dan sokongan psikologi dan emosi, serta akses kepada sumber dan kemudahan yang mencukupi.

Education Consultant & Program Advisor

Our team has a high commitment for the purpose of guiding, providing advisory services and guidance on sustainable programs in institutions of higher learning and having a very broad career path. Our team is also determined to always provide direction guidance to SPM & STPM graduates the best depends on the current state of the career market in Malaysia. Our team is also an Education consultant and advisor to several higher education institutions to develop future Education programs

Business Development Career

Extensive experience in marketing guidance, advisory services and guidance to small and medium entrepreneurs. Being an invited speaker to government agencies such as MARA, TEKUN, KEMAS, AIM, YAYASAN USAHA MAJU, YAYASAN SABAH and many private companies and NGOs for the purpose of increasing knowledge in entrepreneurship and business.

Travel & Business Agency

We provide domestic and overseas wholesale business activities to provide training to participants for entrepreneurship programs and 3 businesses involving international business. Among the places that will be visited by wholesale entrepreneurship participants are China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. It will certainly provide a very valuable experience to the participants to master the wholesale business directly from the manufacturer's factory.

Skills Training

Training and skills in various fields is a priority for the community to get job opportunities, improve the economy or increase knowledge in a certain field. Training and skills are part of our expertise for the purpose of training and guiding participants to achieve individual missions and missions. web application development training, video, photography, graphic designer, animal husbandry, agriculture, manual skills, civil engineering work skills and marketing are our priority and expertise.

Motivational Talks & Career Guidance

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in running programs involving human capital development talks and career guidance throughout Sabah and Sarawak. We realize that choosing a career is something very important for SPM & STPM graduates. Therefore, we are always ready to provide motivational services and talks to help students and parents to make decisions about future study and entrepreneurship programs.

Event Management

We have a solid team and are joined by local artists, experienced entertainers, actors and speakers to carry out event management activities in a series of tours in each district that include business development, entrepreneurship, educational exhibitions, competitions and motivational talks. We have the ability to help entrepreneurs, traders, training providers, colleges and higher education institutions to showcase their business activities.

Travel Agency

We are the only agency that offers a Study While Traveling Program abroad involving students from higher education institutions in Malaysia. Through the "Let's learn sambal melancong" program, providing a very valuable experience and learning to students majoring in tourism and business at selected institutions that cooperate with BPE Malaysia. Among the countries that will be visited by the program participants are Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. A study tour abroad is a program specially designed for the purpose of increasing participants' knowledge about the tourism industry in Malaysia and the world in general.

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