Let's Learn While Traveling


“Jom Belajar Sambil Melancong (JBSM)” is a pioneering program specifically designed to train and expose Tourism Management Diploma students in Malaysia to the world of tourism. The program offers free travel packages. JBSM offers students extensive practical experience in exploring the tourism industry by taking them on free trips to tourist centers in several countries such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and including Malaysia.

JBSM was introduced in 2017 with its first series of visits to two Asian countries, Indonesia and Thailand, in 2019. As the tourism sector is one of the growing career industries, JBSM is an initiative to help students create borderless careers in the tourism industry. Students will be exposed to vast knowledge and experience as preparation for them to face the world of work in the future.

Providing students with an entrepreneurial mindset to create a career in the tourism industry.



Providing students with the opportunity to explore tourist destinations in several countries for free.