Early Childhood Education

* Terms and conditions

  • 3M : Can Count, Write, Read
  • Passed SPM and have a school leaving certificate.
  • Introduction to Child Growth & Development
  • Issues & Policies in Early Childhood
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Principles & Practice
  • Creative experiences for young people
  • Adult Child Relationship
  • Child Health, Safety & Nutrition
  • Administration in Child Care Programs
  • Infant & Child Development & Care
  • Industrial training
  • Degree in Early Childhood Education.

✔️ Teacher at the Malaysian Ministry of Education Preschool.

✔️ Teacher at Tabika KEMAS.

✔️ Teachers at Tadika Perpaduan and other public agencies.

✔️ Teacher at Private Kindergarten.

✔️ Running a Private Nursery with a Gem Nurturing Course Certificate (KAP).

✔️ Teachers/Advisors/Counseling and Psychological Experts to educate parents online/through the YouTube platform.

✔️ Early Childhood Education Research Officer.

Student Aid