Sabah Youth Camp


Sabah Youth EduCamp (SYEC) is a Human Capital Development program specially designed for students aged 15 to post-SPM and STPM in Sabah. This program is based on education that emphasizes knowledge, skills, and experiential learning, accompanied by fun activities. SYEC aims to provide Advisory and Guidance Services to children from primary school to secondary school and expose them to high career opportunities before pursuing further studies at institutes of higher learning (IPT).

The program is carried out through a series of camps organized by Bestprestige Educare Malaysia (BPEM) in collaboration with several government and private agencies including IPTA, IPTS, and secondary schools. In addition to providing the best information related to the selection of fields of study, SYEC also develops entrepreneurial-minded youths who are able to create careers through employment, business activities, and entrepreneurship.

To be a catalyst for the development of a balanced generational revolution in all aspects as a leader in the future who is outstanding, of high quality, skilled, visionary, creative, innovative, and forward-thinking.